Richy Hair Extensions are the global leaders in ethical double drawn 100% human hair extensions. Available in 42 shades in the Diamond Class range where only the finest and healthiest virgin hair is used. The delicate processing of de-pigmentation and cold dyeing baths ensure that the hair cuticles remain intact and preserve the hair in its natural pristine condition. Choose either Stickees ( tapes) or Keratips ( bonds) both for professional use only. You must be a salon or freelancer to purchase. There is also the beautiful limited edition Hair Flow which is Indian Temple hair, avai in two lengths, attached to a halo wire so instants glamour can be achieved for a night out or special occasion ...and can be worn time and time again.

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Myth busters

“My hair is fine, I'm scared that they will be to heavy....“
Myth! At RH London we stock Richy Hair Uk Keratip Hair Extensions that are very light individual pieces, that are gently bonded to the root of the hair and blend in seamlessly. Not bulky or heavy...perfect for finer hair.
I won't be able to wash them correctly.
Myth! You can wash Richy Hair UK extensions , whether they are tape or keratips in a similar way to your natural hair. Just make sure that you use a sulphate-free shampoo into the scalp and ends. Then follow with a sulphate-free conditioner from a brand like Davines, which would be applied only on the mid-length and ends.
They will they damage my hair!
If the extensions are applied correctly by a professional stylist there should not be any damage. The biggest issue is not with the extensions but with the inexperienced people handling them starting from the application being too tight causing tension or if the extensions are removed without care that can result in hair loss. Maintenance at home is also very important, so invest in reliable range like ethical brand Davines. Their whole range is sulphate-free, which helps cleanse the hair without removing the natural oils and wont have a detrimental effect on the extension bonds or adhesive.
If I go to the gym and sweat , they will come out!
You can wear extensions when exercising and you won't loose any but you have to be cautious on the condition when doing so. Sweat contains high salt content so regular exposure to this can cause the hair to feel dry, knotty and more prone to tangles. Using Davines Oi -All In One Milk Leave In Conditioner on the extensions will put a protective barrier over the extensions to protect them from the sweat. Remember to always tie your hair up in a ponytail or a plait and always using Davines detoxifying scrub shampoo to help remove sweat after every workout.

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We love our hair and we pride ourselves in hand selecting only the finest and healthiest virgin hair which has never been coloured, permed or processed in any way.

Whether you are looking for wonderful volume or luxurious lengths, or going for both our Richy Keratips are designed to blend in seamlessly and to make your hair stand out. Our light and long lasting hair extensions will turn heads and our gentle tips will protect your hair against any potential damages that could arise from application or removal. This is a perfect solution comprised of Keratin micro tips to match the hair’s original protein and structure combined with our unique design that secures each strand within the tip to avoid any shredding.
Richy HAIRFLOW is an easy, fast and fabulous solution that gives you longer and thicker hair on the spot without using any professional help, tools or glue. The HAIRFLOW extensions are highly durable and can be used together with heating tools, styling products, washed and reused. Maintaining original color and shine are what we hair and swear by. Richy Hair experiences a special, gentle dyeing process that secures original shine and color within each strand of our Richy Hair Collection. Richy Hair does glamorous hair thoughtfully.
Applying Stickees is a swift and gentle procedure that usually takes Richy hair professionals less than 30 minutes. As no heat is involved throughout the application, it is perfectly suitable for the most delicate hair, providing it a long lasting glamorous result. Our medical-grade tape is non allergenic, water and humidity proof and designed for the utmost care of the strands of the hair.